About Us

Beneath the symmetry and cleanliness of what society has deemed as “acceptable”, lies a darker, edgier and more progressive view of fashion and style. The GothRider® brand was designed for those who walk on the edge of both these worlds, bridging the gap between ordinary and eccentric, conventional and insurgent.


As more than just a fashion brand, we don’t believe in the ephemeral - our style and taste are inspired by our customers’ individualism and can stand the test of time. As such, each item is locally designed and custom-crafted in limited quantities. Our dedication to creating unique designs using the highest quality materials means our products, like your style, will stand the test of time.


Celebrate your uniqueness with GothRider® and discover the beauty and luxury hidden behind darkness.


GothRider® was founded in Canada in 2015 and it is present in multiple countries around the world.

In April 2020, GothRider® launched a new product called Gasoline Coffee made for strong coffee lovers.

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