ST-Patrick's Day


The history of leprechauns is a big part of Irish culture and St. Patrick’s Day, but where did they come from? What makes these tiny guys so popular with people everywhere or why are you still infatuated with them today!?

The Leprechaun is a part of Irish lore that has spanned centuries. These little creatures are said to live in the water and have long been seen as fairies by many people across Ireland. The first stories emerged during eighth-century when Celts started believing them too!

To celebrate the St. Patrick's Day, GothRider® worked to bring out unique flavors reminiscent of the festivities that occur on St. Patrick's Day, making it a great cup for any occasion!

Since you have registered to our waiting list, you will be the first to receive access to our pre-order page and have a chance to get your hand on this limited edition blend.

Above that, we have planned a St-Patrick's Day theme box that will include a tumbler, t-shirt or hoodie and more!

Stay tuned, in few days we will open the door.

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