GothRider® Official Sponsorship Program has been created to support artists, musicians, bands or anyone evolving in the art scene (even tattoo artists).


Before anything, GothRider® is looking for hard working and dedicated artists that believes in what they do. Actually our President has been involved in the local music scene for many years and wanted a way to give back again and help promising talents.

We know that you need as much support as possible and we will try to help were we are good at.

To be considered as a good candidat to become sponsored by GothRider®, you need to be highly engaged on social media. We will look across all platform to see how you interact with your fans and how you are working to grow your audience.

If you are a musician, a band or a live artist, we would need to see your recorded performance as well to see if there's a real fit with us.

Trial Stage: 

Inspired by the Biker Clubs culture, we have multiple level to gain acceptance to become an official GothRider® Brand Ambassador and received the right to get sponsored.

Once your application retain, you will pass an interview so we can learn more about your motivations and make sure that you fit with our brand.

If the interview goes well you'll be invited in a 30 days trial period. During that time you'll receive an official GothRider® starter kit that will include a t-shirt & a cap. 

During that trial period we will follow you on social media and look to see how you engage and promote our brand. 


Yes, you will gain your patches along the way as long as you follow our conduct code and show loyalty to the brand.

To become officially a GothRider® Brand Ambassador and get sponsored you must have succeeded the Trial Period and shown your engagement and dedication to the GothRider®



Once officially accepted as a Brand Ambassador, you will received a $500 value of perks per year that includes GothRider® brand apparel & accessories. Plus, we will give you a special 25% OFF discount on all available GothRider® products online. 

On special occasion you might be invited to participate to some exclusive events from our different partners as part of the family.




If you feel that this Sponsorship Program is for you, feel free to apply just below. We will contact you in the next 48 hours for the interview.




Note: GothRider® is not a Motorcycle Club or Outlaw organization. As much as our Sponsorship Program is inspired by the biker culture we are neutral and don't interfere with any. We are involved in multiple biker charity event to show our support to the global biker culture.