August 31, 2017

No matter how badass you are, no matter how much you love speeding along the highway with your face to the wind… Safety is paramount when riding your motorcycle.

Unfortunately, biker deaths have been on the increase over the years across the U.S, so it’s very important to adhere to safety and take care when riding.

We’ve collected some tips for you to skim over to make sure you can enjoy riding safely and responsibly.

  • Wear a Helmet: 

    This sounds so obvious. But these things seriously save your life if an accident occurs. They protect your skull and brain from serious trauma and injury. Although laws differ from state to state, serious injuries don’t!

  • Stay Visible: 

    If other traffic on the road cannot see you, your chances of being involved in an accident increase tenfold! Make sure you use adequate lighting in darker areas and at night.

  • Act Like a Car: 

    Try not to weave in and out of traffic… Cars aren’t used to this and car drivers think like car drivers, not motorcyclists. Riding predictably and following the same traffic patterns that cars do will lower the risk of an accident occurring.

  • Avoid Distractions: 

    Any distraction that can be avoided is a worthwhile decision to be made. Listening to music or talking on a mobile headset can be the difference between a fatality and arriving home safely.

  • Stay Alert: 

    Don’t ride if you’re feeling sleepy or over tired and keep your eyes peeled for obstacles when you’re riding. Especially at night or when it’s dark or foggy first thing in the morning.

  • Obey the Law: 

    Traffic lights, speed limits and highway codes are all put in place to maintain safety and discipline on the roads. Sticking to these laws can help to avoid any accidents and criminal penalties.

  • Stay Sober: 

    Know the drink drive limit and obey it. Alcohol and other substances slow down reaction speeds, on the busy roads, a split second can save a life.

We love riding here at Gothrider, we love being free spirited, proud individuals. Great individuals that come together as a passionate community. Can you think of anything we’ve missed? Feel free to leave a comment!