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April 27, 2018

You don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. We know, because we’re rocking the dream and riding the wind with you. That is, when we’re not working to provide you with the best badass apparel, accessories and jewelry you can find.


You Don’t Want Just Anything

You’re not going to just wear what everyone else does. You don’t accept the ordinary on the rack, so why start now? Forget the everyday selection other places offer, you’re not the average Joe. We can provide you with a range of beautiful and badass products you can wear for work, or to rock with your newest tattoo.


You won’t find your custom-made jewelry on the shelf, or see everyone else wearing it. This is your chance to get that special someone something truly unique and memorable, or maybe you’re shopping for yourself. Go ahead, you’re worth it.


Stand out and rock your badass self, or make a silent statement with a delicate piece of jewelry peeking out of your business suit. You decide just how much of your rebel persona you want to reveal.


We Put the Class into Badass

Our handcrafted, unique jewelry mixes glamour and goth. Wear it with class, or to rock your badass. With designs that speaks to our riderhood, they’re crafted to please the heart and soul of the bikes, and rock n roll rebels.


Each distinctive piece is crafted by our artisan jewelers and tells a story about the owner. We stick together because no one resembles us, so hang with the pack, but let your exquisite soul shine through. Go ahead, tell your story with some gorgeous bling.


We Understand You

We are you. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love the rebel lifestyle as much as you. We’re here to showcase a huge selection of accessories and save you a ton of time shopping around, wading through products that don’t match your lifestyle and your rocking image.


We specialize in you and your needs. That’s all we that we do—we’re here to serve your exceptional style. We saw the need for quality, unique, badass jewelry and apparel, and we provided it. We designed it. Just for you.


We know you want to rock and ride in style. Just like you, we like to challenge the norms, because as rock n roll rebels, we create our own.

We Stand Behind Our Products

We aren’t here just to sell you a product, we want to sustain and rock your lifestyle with our quality products. Our team supports hardcore customer service. We will gladly step off our bikes, and turn down the tunes 24/7 to help ensure you have an excellent experience with our site and our products.


  • We made sure transactions are easy, safe and secure.
  • We placed warranties on our products.
  • Our custom jewelry doesn’t ship until it’s inspected by our head jeweler
  • Because we believe in our quality—our goal is your happiness and satisfaction.


Have a question? We’re here to listen. Take your time, look around. No rush, we’ll idle our bikes and hot rods until we’re sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.


The only thing closer to our hearts than our bikes is a satisfied customer.